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  • losthockey
    Just want to add my 2 cents in regards to Ralph s comments... ... I have only been a SIHR member for about 5 years, but in that time have become a rather
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
      Just want to add my 2 cents in regards to Ralph's comments...

      Ralph wrote:
      >>I have never subscribed to the theory of so many SIHR members,
      >>which is to hoard data, keep it unavailable, and then make secret
      >>deals to share it under the provision that it can be shared with no
      >>one else. I am not holding back any set of data under subscription
      >>or pay services.

      I have only been a SIHR member for about 5 years, but in that time have
      become a rather central part of most aspects, acting as webmaster and
      newsletter editor. I have never considered that we "hoard" data, and
      have certainly not made any secret deals for data. The hockey news or
      paper xyz calls, and I write custom queries to try to answer the
      question. Some clown trying to win a Leafs contest calls, I say so
      sorry...no time. I decide what happens with the data and who gets it,
      and have only ever dealt with one person with which we have exchange
      data. No other person has ever approached me. As for copying "total
      hockey", the stats actually came from us in the first place. And, we
      are so far beyond on the NHL now that it only makes up a small portion
      of our stats. Also, we never, ever intended to compete with hockey DB.
      That is almost impossible at this point in term of recognition. Plus,
      we really only have the basics (G-A-P). It is not intended for hard
      core stats guys and poolies, but rather a decent historical record of
      all levels of organized hockey.

      In regards to to the "subscription" part, please remember that SIHR is
      not just a stats DB, but an organization that offers quarterly
      newsletters and an annual journal (hard copy snail mail stuff) in
      addition to the stats DB. How are we supposed to finance that? So, we
      made the decision to make the website accessible only to members, where
      they can access the stats, and the publications in PDF format. We also
      have two meetings a year. Finally, I am really against having pop-up
      adds and annoying banner ads (sorry, I just hate them), so the small
      $25/year fee per member allows us to avoid this form of cost recovery
      for hosting fees.

      Ralph wrote:
      >>I can understand why the SIHR attitude evolved the way it did. I
      >>never created hockeydb.com as a business venture,...
      SIHR is 100% volunteer operated. We do not make any $, so calling it a
      business venture is not reasonable. I have spent many hours like you
      fixing messed up stats, licking enveloppes and so on, and I get
      absoluteluy no money. I invest all of my time in programming and and
      design for free, just like you.

      So...let's all just get along :-)

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