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97Newbie Help

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  • losthockey
    Mar 14, 2008
      I'm a first time poster, long time lurker.

      I would like some advice on where to start at automatically ingesting
      stats and how most of you are collecting and storing data. Flat files,
      relational databases, excel files? Are you screen scraping, or are
      there RSS feeds or spreadsheets publicly available that make life easier?

      Currently, all of my stats are entered by hand into a relational DB,
      which makes the end of the season rather busy, so I would really like
      to start automating some of the bigger leagues if I can. Luckily, I
      have programming skills, so it shouldn't be too intimidating, but I
      just don't know where to start. I same some PBP files mentioned. Where
      do these come from? Finally, I noticed that hockey DB appears to have
      an agreement with PointStreak for some leagues. I suppose he has a
      feed of some sort because he is the well known hockeyeb.com. Are there
      such services available to the public?

      Any advice is greatly appreciated.