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  • dsreyn
    Jan 19 7:47 AM
      --- In hockey-databank@yahoogroups.com, "tp_dellow" <mudcrutch@...> wrote:
      > Hi Doug,
      > This is some great work that you've assembled here. A question: have
      > you placed any limits on its use or is it free for anyone to do as
      > they wish? I've kind of kicked around the idea of putting together a
      > solid numbers site...I'm sure Forman et al. will do a good job but, as
      > far as I know, they have no hockey background.

      There are no restrictions of any kind. Of course, an acknowledgment
      would be appreciated if this database is used for anything else, but
      it's not required. I'm hoping that as people find various uses for
      the database, we'll get corrections and improvements like the one below.

      > Anyway - I found an error. There's a guy, Lin Bend, who played for
      > teh Rangers in the 40's during WW2. I was going through your data and
      > according to it, he was 15 at the time. I was wondering if he was
      > hockey's Joe Nuxhall but, according to the Rangers, nope.

      Good catch! Total Hockey (2nd) lists Bend's birthdate as 12/20/1922,
      instead of 1927, giving him a much more credible age for his 1942
      appearances. This will be fixed in the next release.

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