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85Oct. 10, 2007 release

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  • dsreyn
    Oct 10, 2007
      Here's what's new in the latest version of the database:

      * New tables - postseason series (SeriesPost.csv) and combined
      shutouts (CombinedShutouts.csv)
      * New fields in Scoring.csv - power play and shorthanded assists
      (regular season and playoffs) and game-tying goals. Due to some
      shortcomings in the available data, there is also an additional table
      called ScoringSup.csv (more details below).
      * Lots of corrections.

      Power play and shorthanded assists were added from 1987-88 onward.
      The regular season numbers are complete from 1991-92 on. For 1987-88
      through 1990-91, there are two areas where the available data is
      lacking - there is no data for goalies, and there are no splits for
      most players who played for more than one team. Overall season totals
      for multi-team players are given in ScoringSup.csv (null values in
      this table exist if the split values are known). For the playoffs,
      PPA and SHA are complete from 2000-01 to present; for 1987-88 through
      1999-00, PPA and SHA were unavailable for most goalies.

      As mentioned above, there are a lot of corrections in this version,
      but a few deserve special mention:

      * Several goalie's shutout totals now differ from the "official" numbers:
      - Changed Jim Henry's 1952-53 shutouts from 7 to 8 (see post 59 for
      - Changed Clint Benedict's 1927-28 shutouts from 7 to 6 for similar
      reasons (game results show only 6 shutouts for the Maroons that year)
      - Lorne Chabot (1928-29) and Bert Gardiner (1940-41) were each
      docked one shutout; each had been credited with a combined shutout

      * Corrected 1984-85 stats for Rick St. Croix, based on a "missing"
      appearance uncovered by Doug Norris (see post 78 for explanation).
      Needless to say, thanks to Doug for finding this.

      * Brit Selby is now credited with 1 GWG and 1 GTG in 1964-65. Selby
      was omitted from the table in the 1965-66 NHL Guide that gives the
      goal breakdown for each team; the Toronto individual GWG and GTG
      totals as given in the table fall short by one from the team's total
      wins and ties. Game logs from the Hockey Summary Project indicate
      that Selby should be credited for these missing goals.