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82Re: [hockey-databank] Update - hockey-reference.com site (probably) coming

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  • Tangotiger
    Sep 26, 2007
      It's almost likely to be data from here or HAG_list.


      --- dsreyn <dreynolds@...> wrote:

      > Nothing definite has been announced, but it sounds
      > like Sean Forman and
      > company are definitely moving forward on a hockey
      > site
      > (hockey-reference.com). The following was part of
      > the
      > baseball-reference.com blog entry for September 21:
      > Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Hockey (we are
      > getting close on
      > acquiring a great data set) will be launching,
      > re-launching, or seeing
      > significant changes/additions in the next six
      > months.
      > Needless to say, I'm interested to see what they
      > come up with for a data
      > set. Also, the message at hockey-reference.com now
      > says:
      > Our apologies for not launching this site sooner,
      > but we are talking to
      > several groups about acquiring stats and will post
      > more notes here, when
      > we are closer to having something ready to launch.
      > Doug

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