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791940-41 combined shutout

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  • dsreyn
    Jul 18, 2007
      [also posted to the hockhist group]

      I came across this little tidbit this morning (the source apparently
      is the 2006 NHL page-a-day calendar):

      Mar. 16: 1941 - Montreal Canadiens coach Dick Irvin tries an
      innovative tactic by switching goaltenders nine times during a game
      against the New York Americans. Irvin alternates between Bert Gardiner
      and Paul Bibeault at four- to nine-minute intervals and,
      astonishingly, produces a 6-0 win. Depite the success, the tactic
      would not be embraced by the coaching fraternity.

      OK, so that's an interesting historical curiosity, but here's why I'm
      bringing this up. Montreal had two shutouts in the 1940-41 season
      (the other came on 12/28/40, a 3-0 win against the Americans).
      However, Bert Gardiner is credited with 2 shutouts that year (for
      example, in Total Hockey, and in the stats at LegendsofHockey.net).
      It looks to me like Gardiner only deserves credit for 1.

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