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70Draftinfo and a stats-question

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  • dgoethe
    Mar 27, 2007

      after Ralph promised to assist in procuring draftinfo I decided not to
      pursue this (I had down to 1978 fixed locally). Any progress here?

      However, the main reason for this mail is because I recently read up
      on some of the research and statistical analysis that Iain Fyffe has
      documented on puckerings.com and found the "estimated ice time"
      calculation he has developed.

      I found the relevant stats in Total Hockey, but they're not in the
      HockeyDB (the stats being Total Goals For and Total Goals Against,
      scored while the player was on the ice). Does anyone know ANYWHERE on
      the net where these stats would be available for NHL pre 1998?
      Applying his calculation with computerassistance on a large collection
      of data would be very interesting.