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58Re: [hockey-databank] NHL gamesheets

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  • Tangotiger
    Feb 18, 2007
      --- Stu McMurray <stumcmurray@...> wrote:
      > Nothing is "locked away". Benny has always been
      > helpful to me when I
      > have gone to the Toronto office. He lets me work
      > alone in the records
      > room to do my research and I have been allowed to
      > photocopy sheets and
      > take them with me. On the way out I stop by his
      > office and we talk shop
      > for awhile. My experience with the NHL, specifically
      > in the Toronto
      > office, has always been a positive one. Way better
      > than what Ralph has
      > reported with his discussions with Frank Polnaszek.

      I used to work in the same building as the NHL, when
      they were in Montreal. And for a few years, I would
      ask for the end-of-year full stats (including full
      plus/minus: TGF, PGF, TGA, PGA). Ercolani didn't know
      me from a hole in the wall, but he went out of his way
      to produce it for me, and have it ready for me for

      Allowing Stu to make copies of the scoresheets is more
      than enough. If someone wants to volunteer to digitize
      them, by scanning them, that might be the next step.


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