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57NHL gamesheets

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  • Stu McMurray
    Feb 17, 2007
      James Karkoski wrote:

      > I'm kind of bothered about the NHL simply sitting on these old
      > scoresheets and making you go into their office to check your
      > information against them. Why don't they just release them? Or
      > compile them themselves and release it? I really don't understand
      > this "must be locked away in a file" attitude towards this old
      > information.

      How would you have the NHL release the gamesheets?? I mean, it's not
      going to be a commercial venture that will generate profit, right? So
      what benefit does it serve them to go to the trouble to compile and
      publish their sheets?? Let's face it, there are only a handful of us
      that are really interested in this type of thing. (my wife calls it my
      "affliction" and tells me in mock anger to "get a life" on a regular
      basis <g>)

      Nothing is "locked away". Benny has always been helpful to me when I
      have gone to the Toronto office. He lets me work alone in the records
      room to do my research and I have been allowed to photocopy sheets and
      take them with me. On the way out I stop by his office and we talk shop
      for awhile. My experience with the NHL, specifically in the Toronto
      office, has always been a positive one. Way better than what Ralph has
      reported with his discussions with Frank Polnaszek.


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