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56Re: [hockey-databank] Re: Project scope / goals / "to do" list

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  • Ralph Slate
    Feb 6, 2007
      dsreyn wrote:

      >> Sounds good Ralph. One question though - what do you have in mind for
      >> hometown? That is, would this be current residence, or would it be
      >> where the player grew up (since that is often different from place of
      >> birth)?

      Hometown is very subjective, but it gives the opportunity to show where
      a player "learned his hockey" -- not where they are currently living.

      I know, for example, that Graeme Townshend was born in Kingston,
      Jamaica. He most certainly did not grow up playing hockey there -- he
      moved to Canada at an early age. I can't recall the city.

      Hometown is usually self-reported by a player. NCAA and Juniors publish
      hometown, not birthplace. It might relate to the town a player's parents
      lived in when he was born (as opposed to where the hospital was located).

      The hometown/birthplace thing is perhaps my greatest source of emails.
      People are always writing, saying "I grew up with so-and-so, he is from
      X, not Y". When I ask them if they are SURE that he was born in X, they
      often come back and say "well, I talked to him, he was actually born in
      Y, but grew up in X".

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