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54Re: [hockey-databank] Project scope / goals / "to do" list

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  • slater@alum.rpi.edu
    Feb 6, 2007
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      Doug --

      Based on these goals focusing on major league hockey, I'm willing to help in any way that I can.

      Let me start by suggesting that for biographical information, both a birthplace and hometown be stored. I can provide you what I have for vital stats, along with draft information and a "last amateur team" field.

      I can also provide playoff game dates, scores and results for a lot of the NHL seasons.


      >* Provide data in a format that can be used to run queries, aid in
      >research, etc.
      >* Avoid excessive restrictions on distribution and use.
      >* Try to be as historically accurate as possible. This means that the
      >data could deviate from historical "original" sources in a number of
      >* Currently the database covers the NHL and WHA. I would like to
      >expand it to include several other leagues generally recognized as
      >"major": NHA (1909-10 through 1916-17), PCHA (1911-12 through
      >1923-24), and WCHL (1921-22 through 1925-26). I consider minor
      >leagues, amateur leagues, European leagues, etc. to be beyond the
      >scope of this project.
      >"To do" list (in no particular order of priority):
      >* Resolve situations where individual totals do not add to the team
      >totals. Obviously, this will not always be possible, but some errors
      >may be correctable. For example, there are a relatively large number
      >of cases in the 1980s where PIM totals don't add correctly.
      >* Data for the other major leagues mentioned above.
      >* A postseason series table - not listing every game, but summarizing
      >the results of each playoff round.
      >* Team splits (home / road records, month by month results).
      >* Additional biographical information:
      >- Change name information so we have first name, middle name, and
      >- Height, weight, shooting hand
      >- Death (date, location)
      >- College attended
      >* Draft information - year, drafting team, round, overall pick number.
      >* Additional statistical categories - power play and shorthanded
      >assists, average time on ice, game tying goals, overtime goals,
      >shootout statistics (for both shooters and goalies). I rate this as a
      >fairly low priority. Of the statistics I mentioned, I'd probably be
      >most interested in shootout statistics.
      >* Total Hockey II updated goals allowed for 1955-56 through 1962-63 to
      >account for empty net goals. I haven't decided how or if I want to
      >incorporate this information. One possibility would be to leave the
      >goals allowed data as-is, and add a supplementary table with the
      >revised figures.
      >There are probably a bunch of other useful things that could be added.
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