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51Re: [hockey-databank] Re: 2/1/07 database release

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  • slater@alum.rpi.edu
    Feb 5, 2007
      >Hi Stu, the problem with this is that, as you have noted below, until
      >recently the NHL has been more than happy to sanction stats that
      >weren't correct for decades, so I don't think that we are in a position
      >yet to just simply accept what they offer as "officially correct."

      I tend to agree with this sentiment.

      >I'm kind of bothered about the NHL simply sitting on these old
      >scoresheets and making you go into their office to check your
      >information against them. Why don't they just release them? Or compile
      >them themselves and release it? I really don't understand this "must be
      >locked away in a file" attitude towards this old information. Unless,
      >the NHL historical stats are a "pile of garbage", as Morey Holzman dubs
      >it. And if it is garbage, then why wouldn't the NHL want to clean it

      The larger question in my mind is, which seasons never had game sheets vs. which seasons have the game sheets been lost or discarded? My impression is that game sheets existed for some of the seasons currently being revisited.

      If game sheets once existed, and the NHL compiled official statistics from them, then I think the bulk of the stats for those seasons is closed, with the exception of items not tabulated (such as games played or player splits).

      If no game sheets ever existed for the first season, for example, then I think that it's OK for that season to be revisited, provided that the research is sound. By sound, I mean that multiple sources should be used, and the results should be documented so that they can be re-checked and validated by others.

      >In fairness, the NHL only published the last name Neville and awarded
      >him one goal. Someone somewhere added the first name "Mike".
      >I agree with you about there being no Neville, and I think I told you
      >about my theory on it, that given the way information was orally passed
      >on by telephone to the wire press services, the name "Noble" was heard
      >to be "Neville" by the person in the wire office and so it was printed
      >in newspapers across the nation.

      Thanks for clearing this up; I am comfortable awarding this goal to Mike Noble. This is similar to the AHL inclusion of a goalie named "Jardine" in 1936-37, with Philadelphia, when their regular goalie was "Gardiner". If you just think about it, it's a clear typo.

      >> I would love for Bob to write a paper in the SIHR Journal outlining his
      >> trials and tribulations in re-compiling the early stats of the NHL. It
      >> would go a long way to answering many researchers questions.
      >I agree, he should. It should have been done a long time ago.

      Same here. Even if this is "work for hire" if the NHL and Duff want to be taken seriously, they need to tell people what they're doing instead of just saying "trust us...".

      Ralph Slate
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