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49Re: 2/1/07 database release

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  • Stu McMurray
    Feb 3, 2007
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      Ralph wrote-->
      That's my peeve -- if score sheets once existed, they were presumably
      more accurate than newspaper accounts. I can _maybe_ see it for the
      1917-18 season, although I think that recreating assists is wrong,
      because they weren't awarded/compiled that season, and since they are
      subjective, this is revisionism.

      Stu writes-->
      There were no score sheets until 1926-27. The NHL relied on newspaper
      accounts. There was no radio coverage back then either. The newspaper
      accounts were the only written record of the games. I am sure they had
      errors but they would be the most accurate account of the games simply
      by default wouldn't they?

      On a side note I found that the majority of the missing sheets for the
      years 1927 to 1952 were from the Chicago home games played on Sundays.
      For some reason these game sheets had a hard time making it to the NHL
      office in Montreal. At the bottom of each sheet it stated that "This
      report should be checked, signed and dispatched to National Hockey
      League, 922 Sun Life Building, by the quickest means possible."
      Apparently the pony express out of the mid-west wasn't reliable when it
      came to delivering hockey reports. <g>


      Ralph wrote-->
      The Hockey Summary Project should tell you this. Look at what Pete
      Anson did with boxscores from the Hockey News -- he can't match the
      official stats.

      Stu writes-->
      Agreed, but we knew going in that the numbers would be off because THN
      was well known for typos. We used THN as a starting point for our data
      entry because that is what I had access to on a wide basis. I think we
      found that it could be off by 20% or more per year from the official
      stats <gasp> and the penalty totals were always hopelessly way off.


      Ralph wrote-->
      I would like to see Duff do his thing on a season where gamesheets are
      available -- using the exact same methodology, and then see what he
      comes up with. If there is more than a 1% difference, then I say the
      methodology is simply revisionism based on flawed accounts.

      Stu writes-->
      I have no doubt that the difference would be more than 1%. My
      experience with the HSP and working with THN summaries tells me so.
      Don't get me wrong, I hear you and agree with what you say except as it
      relates to those first 9 years of the NHL where the league itself
      relied on the newspaper accounts. That's the rub, in my view. The
      newspaper accounts were all there ever was back then. There couldn't
      possibly be anything more accurate (or flawed) because nothing else


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