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48Re: [hockey-databank] Re: 2/1/07 database release

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  • Ralph Slate
    Feb 2, 2007
      Stu McMurray wrote:
      > Bob Duff recompiled the NHL stats at the request of the league for the
      > 1917-18 through 1925-26 seasons. There are no gamesheets for these
      > seasons. I have seen first-hand at the NHL office in Toronto that they
      > have nothing for those first few years. In fact, there are a few sheets
      > missing here and there for all seasons up until the early 1950's.

      That's my peeve -- if score sheets once existed, they were presumably
      more accurate than newspaper accounts. I can _maybe_ see it for the
      1917-18 season, although I think that recreating assists is wrong,
      because they weren't awarded/compiled that season, and since they are
      subjective, this is revisionism.

      The Hockey Summary Project should tell you this. Look at what Pete Anson
      did with boxscores from the Hockey News -- he can't match the official

      I would like to see Duff do his thing on a season where gamesheets are
      available -- using the exact same methodology, and then see what he
      comes up with. If there is more than a 1% difference, then I say the
      methodology is simply revisionism based on flawed accounts.

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