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42Re: [hockey-databank] Re: Fantastic

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  • Ralph Slate
    Feb 1, 2007
      > I believe the Lahman / Forman team is working on a hockey site.
      > http://www.hockey-reference.com <http://www.hockey-reference.com> has
      > been reserved by them for over a
      > year, though it's just a placeholder for now. Lahman apparently has a
      > hockey database of his own.
      > For what it's worth, there's another site that's been up at least a
      > year with a layout undoubtedly based on the sports-reference.
      > com model
      > (though lacking most of the usual sports-reference.com bells and
      > whistles) at http://www.databasehockey.com
      > <http://www.databasehockey.com> (NHL only, with only the
      > basic stats).
      On that note, do people actually LIKE the layout of the
      baseball-reference website? I've used it on occasion, but I found it
      maddening to use.

      On another note, there is another hockey stats database project,
      developed independent from the other online sources.


      That one is different because it is actually an online application that
      does not allow you unfettered access to raw data, but gives you an
      interface to query it. From what the site says, it only goes to 2004. I
      suppose the problem with any such site is that there is a risk that they
      will get discouraged and give up.

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