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412/1/07 database release

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  • dsreyn
    Feb 1, 2007
      I have made a number of changes in this release. The main ones (other
      than minor corrections) are as follows:

      * Removed probable phantoms - Mike Neville, 1917; Bob Price, 1919;
      Charles Fortier, 1923. After the recent discussion, I have decided to
      leave Randy Andreachuk in.

      * Master table:
      - Dropped the "WHA flag" field in favor of two separate fields -
      "firstWHA" and "lastWHA".
      - "lastNHL" now uses a year consistent with the rest of the database
      - e.g., 2005 for 2005-06.
      - "Hal Colborne" is now listed as "Howie Colborne"; "Gordon Spencer"
      is now listed as "Gordon Spence".

      * Scoring table:
      - Substantial revisions for 1917-18 through 1925-26 (and some others
      through about 1940), mainly in line with Total Hockey II. Thanks to
      Stu McMurray for corrected 1917-18 data, which includes game-winning
      - Added a couple of missing entries - Gordon Spence, 1925-26, and
      Vic Lynn, 1942-43.
      - Fixed Ron Hextall's goal in the 1988-89 playoffs (now listed
      correctly as a shorthanded goal).
      - Numerous additions to the WHA statistics, drawing primarily from
      Surgent's book.

      * Teams table:
      - The "rank" field for 1917-18 through 1920-21 now represents an
      overall combined ranking for two halves of the season.
      - Added an additional table - TeamsHalf, with separate results for
      the first and second halves of the season for 1917-18 through 1920-21.
      - Added WHA special teams statistics, PIM totals, and bench minors
      (where available).
      - Filled in the playoff result field for 1977-78 and 1978-79 WHA
      seasons (inadvertently omitted previously).

      * Awards:
      - Added WHA awards
      - Separated the awards into three tables - AwardsPlayers,
      AwardsCoaches, and AwardsMisc (the last has only the Lester Patrick
      award, which doesn't really fit in either of the other two).
      - Posthumous Lester Patrick award winners are now indicated.

      * Coaches:
      - A bunch of fixes based on the notes in the introduction to the
      coaching register in Total Hockey II. This primarily impacts early
      NHL seasons (particularly Toronto).
      - Dave Lewis and Barry Smith now have distinct "stint" entries while
      they served as co-coaches in 1998-99.

      * There are three new tables - ScoringSC, GoaliesSC, and TeamsSC.
      These have Stanley Cup Finals data for 1917-18 through 1925-26, when
      the Stanley Cup was not an NHL-only event. Playoff data for these
      seasons in the other tables (Scoring, Goalies, Teams) no longer
      includes the Stanley Cup Finals.

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