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  • tangotiger
    Feb 1, 2007
      --- In hockey-databank@yahoogroups.com, "dsreyn" <dreynolds@...> wrote:
      > As far as the chances of this project killing off hockeydb.com, I
      > honestly don't think there's much to worry about.
      > Baseball-reference.com has continued to grow despite the fact that the
      > underlying data is freely available (there has even been talk of
      > adding employees in the blog recently).
      > Doug

      Baseball-Reference.com, TheBaseballCube.com, BaseballAlmanac.com,
      BaseballProspectus.com, REtrosheet.org, and I'm sure others, all offer
      an online baseball database. For the first, definitely, and the 3rd
      and 4th and 5th, likely, they all used, or started to use, the Lahman
      database, which itself has been spawned into baseball-databank.org.

      The reason they can all exist is because the marketplace supports it.
      Only the 2nd one offers minor league data (and draft data). B-r.com
      and Retro offer PBP data in addition. BP.com offers "adjusted" stats.

      Insofar as hockeydb.com, it's existence can be assured as long as it
      keeps something of value, the most important being the minor league
      data. HockeyDB.com can increase its value by including the PP/SH and
      full plus/minus data, and can decrease its value by giving up its draft
      data. Whether that's a fair trade, both sides can decide.

      Since Ralph is a superb researcher, it would be insane to try,
      intentionally or as a byproduct, to squeeze him out. We need guys like

      Doug has also proven himself to be quite resourceful, and therefore,
      his efforts need to be fed as well, if we want this thing to grow.

      It is also possible that baseball-reference will eventually get into
      the hockey field (or some other site), be it either by buying out Ralph
      or Doug or going on its own. To that end, the sites that don't grow
      will end up being on the short-end.

      I would have to say that any data that is made available would need to
      be done with almost no limitation, as is Retrosheet and baseball-
      databank (i.e., cite the source). Anything else would be a recipe for

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