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  • dsreyn
    Feb 1, 2007
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      I'll address scope / goals / "to do" list shortly in a separate post.
      Suffice it to say for now that my goal is most definitely *not* to
      duplicate hockeydb.com in CSV format.

      As far as the chances of this project killing off hockeydb.com, I
      honestly don't think there's much to worry about.
      Baseball-reference.com has continued to grow despite the fact that the
      underlying data is freely available (there has even been talk of
      adding employees in the blog recently).


      --- In hockey-databank@yahoogroups.com, <slater@...> wrote:
      > I only started this conversation because of the talk of expanding the
      > database with more data that was "available at hockeydb". Today it's
      > just NHL/WHA data, but the next logical phase is to include data from
      > other leagues for NHL players, then the next logical phase is to include
      > the other players from those leagues, etc. And before you know it, the
      > goal of the group is to simply scrape data from hockeydb and publish it
      > as a standalone database to let others use it in their own ventures.
      > I think this is an important conversation to have, because if the
      > ultimate goal is to open-source all hockeydb.com's data without doing
      > any additional research to augment the body of knowledge, let me know so
      > I can shift my priorities and not get hung up on the idea that I'll be
      > able to ever do this as my day job.
      > Ralph Slate
      > http://www.hockeydb.com
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