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30Re: [hockey-databank] Re: Fantastic

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  • slater@alum.rpi.edu
    Feb 1, 2007
      >Is this what's bothering you? That this initiative will draw people
      >away from hockeydb and thereby cause loss of income for you?

      No, I'm concerned that since this data is being advertised as "open source", that means that the next entrepreneur would go to hockey-databank, download all the data (much of it pulled from hockeydb), and set up "hockeyd-c", which would be just like hockeydb. That person could then put his effort into other areas because he will be piggybacking on the effort I expended making this data available.

      I'd have no issue if there was a non-commercial disclaimer, nor would I use the data here to augment hockeydb.com.

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