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  • dgoethe
    Feb 1, 2007
      --- In hockey-databank@yahoogroups.com, <slater@...> wrote:
      > >A question, are you considering adding draftinformation to the
      > >Master-file as well? Would be a nice complement and the information
      > >readily available at hockeydb (amongst other sites).
      > I'd like to ask a question; what is the goal of hockey-databank? If
      > is simply to "free" or "open source" the information on hockeydb.com
      > other online sources, I don't see the "value added" in that.
      > Ralph Slate
      > http://www.hockeydb.com

      For me, personally, I see this is a one stop shop. I'd like to run my
      own comparisons, see top stats for an entire year, compare number one
      draftpicks whatever.. and I'd like the statistics in a database format
      so that I have complete flexibility.

      Lahman's database lets me do this for baseball, and yes, from my point
      of view it's for "research" only and for personal use.

      I use HockeyDb extensively, but one thing I miss from there is
      individual shots-stats (for example).. with an "offline" database I
      increase my flexibility for my own interests. With this said, please
      don't think I don't appreciate the hockeydb-site.. It's a fantastic
      resource as well.

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