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  • dsreyn
    Feb 1, 2007
      The goal is to provide data in a format that can be used to run
      queries, aid in research, etc. For example, someone might want to
      make a list of players who have had 300 career goals without having a
      30 goal season, or the top Boston Bruins leaders in assists, or
      defencemen who have had 20 goal seasons, or whatever. As far as I
      know, these queries can not be done at hockeydb.com or any other web
      site, and they certainly can't be done with printed sources. Is there
      value added here? I certainly think so.

      A second goal is to make data available in a form that is as
      historically accurate as possible. Printed sources inevitably contain
      errors - and this database undoubtedly does as well - but it's much
      easier to correct a database and issue a new release than to put out a
      new edition of Total Hockey.

      I gave some consideration to adding some copyright language, but
      decided the fewer restrictions, the better. I'm not 100% convinced
      that was the correct decision, so perhaps further discussion of this
      point would be useful.


      --- In hockey-databank@yahoogroups.com, <slater@...> wrote:
      > I'd like to ask a question; what is the goal of hockey-databank? If it
      > is simply to "free" or "open source" the information on hockeydb.com or
      > other online sources, I don't see the "value added" in that.
      > You'll note that the Lahman baseball database has the following language
      > on it:
      > "This database is copyright 1996-2006 by Sean Lahman. A license is
      > granted
      > for individual use for research purposes. It may not be re-distributed
      > without permission. Any commercial use, or other dissemination of the
      > database in part or in whole is prohibited. Use of this database
      > constitutes acceptance of these terms."
      > Shouldn't this project have similar language?
      > Ralph Slate
      > http://www.hockeydb.com
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