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122OT: Basketball database available

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  • dsreyn
    Jun 21, 2009
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      A year or so ago, I posted a message saying that I had a basketball database available (see message #98 in the group message archive). I've decided to post this to the files area - it's available as bkb090621.zip. The hope, of course, is that someone will start an "open source" basketball project similar to this one. But if not, it's there anyway for the taking.

      I think the only substantial change since I posted about this previously is that I added an awards table (actually, two - one for players, one for coaches). So the database is up to date through the 2006-07 season (except for the draft table, which goes only through 2004). So obviously, there are two seasons of updates needed to get it current again. I'm very unlikely to take it any further at this point.

      I don't want to generate a lot of off-topic discussion about basketball in this group, so if anyone has questions about the database, please contact me offline. But of course, if someone start a basketball-databank group, feel free to make an announcement here.