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118Simple suggestions for next update

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  • hockeydad55
    May 7, 2009
      Hi Doug -

      Thank you very much for your work! I have attempted a similar venture many times for my own use, but it always falls by the wayside due to limited time and/or resources.

      Some simple suggestions for the next update. In the Scoring file, you can populate PPG, SHG, GWG, and GTG = 0 for everyone who has 0 goals scored. Likewise, PPA and SHA = 0 for all players with 0 assists. (And of course, similar concept for the post-season stats as well.)

      Also, for every team in history that had 0 ties in a season, all the players on their team can be populated with 0 GTG's. Similarly, in the playoffs, if a team won 0 playoff games, then all the players on their team can be populated with 0 PostGWG's.

      I know these are all pretty minor and simple, but they are certainly accurate and are very easy to update. I have always been fascinated with the concept of complete and accurate statistical histories in sports, so I just love projects like this. If I can find the time, I wouldn't mind contributing other pieces of data (such as uniform numbers, the respective components that make up +/-, time-on-ice, and other data), though no guarantees.

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