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1026-14-08 release (2007-08 update)

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  • dsreyn
    Jun 14, 2008
      Changes in the new release are as follows:

      * 2007-08 update
      * New fields in the Master table - name note, given name, nickname,
      height, weight, shooting (or catching) hand, date and place of death
      * The team IDs for the Vancouver Millionaires / Maroons have changed
      to be consistent with NHL game results files from the Hockey Summary
      * Added data for the NHA playoff series of 1913-14, 1914-15, and 1916-17
      * Added All-Rookie teams to the Awards table. Also added Plus-Minus
      award winners from 1982-83 through 1995-96; this award has gone by
      several names, so it is now labeled "Plus-Minus" in the table.
      * Added data for the NHA, PCHA, and WCHL to the TeamSplits and
      TeamVsTeam tables
      * And of course, various corrections