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10Some possible problems with TH2 stats for 1920-21

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  • dsreyn
    Jan 12, 2007
      A change between the first and second editions of Total Hockey
      (referred to below as TH1 and TH2) was the separation of statistics
      for the Stanley Cup finals from 1917-18 through 1925-26, since these
      were not NHL vs. NHL matchups (I'm currently making a similar change
      to the database). It looks like a few things may have slipped through
      the cracks in making the transition.

      TH2 lists Eddie Gerard of Ottawa with 7 playoff games in 1920-21 (1 G,
      0 A, 50 PIM), and another 5 in the Stanley Cup finals (0 G, 0 A, 44
      PIM). However, there were only 2 games in the NHL playoffs (Ottawa
      vs. Toronto) that year, so 7 games is obviously incorrect. I'm
      assuming that his correct stats for the NHL playoffs should be 2 GP, 0
      G, 0 A, and 6 PIM.

      Morley Bruce was listed with 7 playoff games in TH1. He is listed
      with 2 playoff games in TH2, with no entry for Cup finals. Similarly,
      Jack MacKell was listed with 6 playoff games in TH1. He is listed
      with 2 games in TH2, with no entry for Cup finals. I'm assuming these
      were oversights, so I'm including them in the stats for the Cup finals
      with 5 and 4 games, respectively.

      Finally, not related to the playoff stats issue, TH1 listed Sprague
      Cleghorn with two stints during the regular season - 3 games with
      Ottawa, followed by 13 with Toronto (and a return to Ottawa for the
      Cup finals). TH2 dropped the initial 3 game stint with Ottawa and
      left the Toronto stats unchanged. I'm leaving in the 3 game stint
      with Ottawa.