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  • Greg Jahnke
    This is kind of spam, but really not since I have absolutly no connection to the products here or the sellers of those products. I noticed the other day on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2005
      This is kind of spam, but really not since I have absolutly no connection to the products here or the sellers of those products.

      I noticed the other day on E-bay that there were several Itronix laptops selling for next to nothing. I bought one(or, more correctly, added one to my collection), and I know another guy here bought one after I tipped him off. They are selling DIRT CHEAP and anybody who is looking for a computer for their shop should buy one. Here is why:

      1-) They are weatherproof. Unlike other laptops (like the panasonic toughbooks) which claim to be weatherproof and are not, the itronics unit really IS. When mine get dirty, I put them in the dishwasher. Literally.

      2-) They have touchscreens. Not the pansy "will fry if you hit them with a screwdriver" touchscreens like the old datalux monitors, but the good, tough touchscreens where you can use a screwdriver as a stylus and it won't hurt them.

      3-) Drop resistant. I have literally seen one of these things dropped off a second story balcony (over 20 ft) onto a tiled floor and it survived. It didn't even crack the screen. These things are almost indestructable. They have a die cast aluminum case with rubber armor over the top.

      4-) Cheap....I think I already mentioned that one. Theya re going for nothing right now.

      5-) Sunlight readable. These have transflective displays which mean they will never wash out in the sun. They reflect ambient light back through the display, so the brighter the ambient light, the brighter the display.

      The only downside I am aware of is that they have no external drvies. This is not the greatest setup, but they do have pcmcia ports, parralel ports, etc... so just stick a network card or an external drive (zip, etc....) on it and you are in good shape.

      Here are some of the different models currently available on Ebay and some of the differences:

      XC-6250 PRO---

      This is the one you really want. This unit has a 10" color touchscreen and a 266 mhz processor. They almost always have a 3 gig drive, though an upgrade was available for a 6 gig drive. They ALWAYS (that I am aware of ) have USB. some of them don't have USB ports, but they DO have the USB controller and all the circuitry. You just have to open them up and solder a USB port onto the main board if they don't have external USB and you need it for something. These generalyl run windows 95, though some came with windows 98. You CAN load windows 98 OR windows ME on them and they continue to run just fine. you want the windows ME or 98 upgrade edition if possible so iut will automaticall pick up the drivers and install them for you (if you don't have the upgrade edition, get on gnutella and searc "windows serial" and download a list of windows serial numbers and try different upgrade serial numbers until you find one that works on your release).

      There is one of these for sale on Ebay right now, $74.99 buy it now price. This is the guy I bought mine from and he was a pretty good guy to deal with.


      Usually has a 200 MHZ processor instead of the 266. Some only came with a 2 gig hard drive and no USB controller. These were available with a monochrome screen as well as the color screen. Some of these have 133 mhz processors and do not have parralel prots or PCMCIA slots. Avoid those.

      Currently there are a couple listed with a starting price of $150. This is WAY, WAY too much to pay for one of these. The guy says in his posting that he has over a hundred. Hopefully next time he lists it he figures out that this is badly overpriced.


      These have a 486 50 mhz processor. I personally haven't messed with one.


      This is a neat little handheld device that runs windows CE 2.1 . very cool little gadget


      serial terminal. Pretty much useless. Avoid it like the plauge.

      Like I said before, I have NO connection to itronix or to any of the folks selling these things. I have quite a few of them (and no, I will not be selling them in the future) and if you are looking for a shop computer, this is IT. These things are GREAT.

      DO NOT GO BIDDING THE PRICE UP. I know that a couple of folks who are selling them on Ebay have literally several hundred of them. They will be a round for a while. Be patient.

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