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sandblast cabinet plans and more

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  • ronthomp2002
    Cross posted from the Gingery machines group. This message is for Paul Probus, Brian J. Bland, mike Turcotte, and anyone else interested in the Workbench
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      Cross posted from the Gingery machines group.

      This message is for Paul Probus, Brian J. Bland, mike Turcotte, and
      anyone else interested in the Workbench article on building a
      sandblast cabinet.

      The cost of the CD will be $5.00, but this will include shipping to
      anywhere in the US.

      There will a LOT of stuff on the CD besides the workbench article,
      such as:

      A 9 page article on building a 20 ton hydraulic press

      A complete army training manual titled Fundamentals of Machine Tools

      Five original photos of a rural mailbox called a BatBuster

      CAD drawings of a hossfield type bender. I think one drawing is
      messed up, but there are 35 .dxf files!

      An article on building a Cinva Ram. This is a press for making bricks
      from mostly dirt and a little cement.

      15 original photos I took of the USS Cole in the repair drydock at
      Ingalls shipbuilding in Pascagoula, MS (The Cole is now back in the

      11 original photos I took of a semi truck that burned to the ground,
      literally! It is a good example of the heat produced by diesel fuel
      and air, the aluminum parts melted and puddled on the ground!

      An article on building a tracking solar collector that produces
      STEAM! A sidebar to this is plans for a small sheet metal bending

      The Magnolia Metal Bearing Book, among other topics is how to pour
      Babbitt bearings and Babbitt hammers

      Plans for a receiver hitch adapter to help you carry long items in a
      pick-up bed

      An August 1953 article from The Model Engineer on building a
      horizontal surface grinding and milling machine

      A July 1954 Popular Mechanics article "Milling arm for Drill Press"

      An article on building a truck mounted hoist (cherry picker)

      An old article on making a shop made air/diesel fuel torch that can
      melt cast iron. It starts out "For safety, economy, ease of
      construction, and intense heat the air-diesel torch has much to
      recommend it. The one illustrated uses about 1 gal. Of diesel or
      stove oil an hour, and the air supply may be almost anything that
      will supply a pressure of from 40 to 300 lb per square inch through a
      1/16" hole. The torch carries no fuel under pressure, has no
      insurance restrictions, cannot explode, starts without generating,
      and if the heat is confined, will melt cast iron."

      An article from the internet called "Making Insulating Castable
      Refractory from Common Material"

      Plus, a few other odds and ends just for grins.

      I hope this wets your appetite! I tried to give you your $5.00 worth.
      By the way, The CD will be almost full, but it will be left open so
      if you have a CDRW drive you may add to it.

      If you would like a copy of this CD, send your $5 cash, check,
      whatever to:

      Ron Thompson
      2204 South 17th St.
      Ocean Springs, MS 39564

      I also have another CD. It is also $5
      There are four directories that each contain one book.

      Aom contains "A Catechism of the Steam Engine" by John Bourne, C.E.

      Aon contains "Modern Machine Shop Practice" by Joshua Rose, M.E.

      Aor contains "The Advanced Machinist" by William Rogers

      Asb contains "Modern Machine Shop Practice, Volume II" by Joshua
      Rose, M.E.

      Thanks to the MSU library for making these works available @
      If you have plenty of time or a fast connection to the internet you
      can D/L from the link above. The 4 books fill a CD.
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