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  • Jim Clary
    Jan 1, 2002
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      Just another 2 cents from me to thank you for raising the
      question and especially to Charles Brooks! Charles I had several
      "PayPal warning sites" but not some of the GREAT ones on your
      list. Thanks for making my list more complete! I believe that
      PayPal is so mis-managed that the bubble will eventually burst.
      That's what's happened to every company PayPal's owner has had.
      PayPal is his last one. The fact that he is attempting to go
      public may be a tip he is about to cash out.

      Jim Clary

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      > Thanks for all the advice on whether or not to use PayPay.
      Many of you have
      > had good experiences using PayPal. But after reading the posts
      by Jim Clary
      > and MASS (Charles Brooks), I've decided to NOT use PayPal. You
      may wish to
      > take a look at the links provided in Jim and Charles' messages.
      There are
      > enough horror stories to give me cold feet.
      > I'm cranking out copies of the casting video and will start
      shipping 3 Jan
      > 02 in the order requests were received. Es will be sent when
      your video is
      > shipped.
      > Best, Jerry/foundryman1940/ in Missouri, USA
      > Custom Castings by Twaddell
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