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7157Re: [hobbicast] RTV mold Process, Nice work Ray!

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  • Ray Brandes
    Oct 1, 2001
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      RTV is available all over the place. Just search on RTV or click my link to Silicones, Inc. near the
      top of the page. I think Swest has it also. For casting a hand, check with Marcelo for his technique
      on making living molds. You will need something that sets a lot faster than RTV for a hand (unless it
      is from a cadaver!).
      Another technique is to use clear silicone and cast the entire part in one pour. When the rubber is
      set you cut the halves apart, almost to the end, with a razor. The irregular slashes of the razor
      make keys to keep the alignment and where they remain joined at the end acts like a hinge and keeps
      them from getting separated.
      Regards, Ray

      katou@... wrote:

      > Very nicely done Ray, good pix and all. A mark of a good Internet
      > process document is that you could (if you had to) follow the idea
      > just from the pictures, and you did that very well.
      > I only have one question, what sort of place sells the RTV
      > silicone stuff? I would guess Jewellery supply. How would you make
      > a mold of your hand for instance? I was thinking that it would
      > require a fast setting flexible rubber/plastic material. Then you
      > could slit it along the edge or something and pull your hand out.
      > Any ideas?
      > Katou
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