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  • Dale Smith
    Aug 8, 2001
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      > When I lived in Texas, 104 degrees wasen't nothing
      > because they didn't have the humidity.

      Must have been in west Texas. Scott lives in the laplands... Where Oklahoma
      laps over into Texas. (AKA Baja Oklahoma) The rule here is Humidity=Temp-10

      Also Texas does not have the temperature extremes we have in the Midwest,
      when was the last time you had -30 deg weather down there which lasted for
      weeks, sometimes months?

      I am most happy to let you hold title to that honor.

      > We just had a tornado, lots of rain, and it got up to 102 degrees

      Don't go tryin' to out-twister me. Remember, I am in Oklahoma. 20 miles
      north of the National Severe storms lab. This is where they wrote the book
      and made the movie.

      Now I'm not complaining but when some Texass tells me about being a puss
      of the weather, i'LL tell him where to go. We had two guys go down on the
      job-site yesterday due to heat stroke, one was a Mexican from texas
      incidentally. And he is a hard working SOB who never complains. It's damn
      hot and humid here.

      Truly sorry to hear about that. I think 9 have died in OK so far and that is
      way too many. More tragicaly, most of them were at home at the time. many
      were old, without A/C and some didn't even have fans. I feel sorry for
      anyone who has to work outside in this kind of weather. Technology that can
      keep an astronaut warm/cool in space should be able to come up with
      something that can combat the extremes in temp some people must function

      I think the problem is much worse than it was 40 years ago. Very few had
      A/C. Working in the heat wasn't so bad because it was just as hot inside as
      out and we were more conditioned to it. HS football practise went on as
      usual and they didn't even allow water breaks. The belief was that water was
      bad for you during extreme physical exertion. I slept on the front porch
      many nights just in case a breeze came along. Now, I haven't been to the
      shed in three days because my little window unit can't keep it cool enough.

      A couple of weeks ago, we thought Fall was here... but it was just 24%
      humidity instead of the usual 74%. A couple of years ago, I went to Phoenix
      to pick up some equipment. It was 104/68 here and I couldn't walk to the car
      without a near death experience. In Phoenix, it was 106/16. We worked
      outside loading a trailer all day and thought it was great weather. My
      friends from St. Louis tell me this feels like Phoenix to them :o)

      BTW Where are you?

      Dale Smith

      > LL
      > Here I sit
      > Cheeks a flexin
      > Givin birth to
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