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5501Re: [hobbicast] Cast Iron

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  • LLandstrom
    Aug 8 9:03 AM
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      When I lived in Texas, 104 degrees wasen't nothing
      because they didn't have the humidity. Also Texas does
      not have the temperature extremes we have in the
      Midwest, when was the last time you had -30 deg
      weather down there which lasted for weeks, sometimes

      We just had a tornado, lots of rain, and it got up to
      102 degrees yesterday. Now I'm not complaining but
      when some Texass tells me about being a puss because
      of the weather, i'LL tell him where to go. We had two
      guys go down on the job-site yesterday due to heat
      stroke, one was a Mexican from texas incidentally. And
      he is a hard working SOB who never complains. It's
      damn hot and humid here.

      Here I sit
      Cheeks a flexin
      Givin birth to
      another Texan

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