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5488Cast Iron

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  • Marvin
    Aug 6, 2001
      How much should I allow for shrinkage on cast iron parts? I have
      cast some aluminum but nothing important so I never worry about

      But now I am designing patterns for all the cast parts for a 3/8"
      scale Waterloo Boy tractor and shrinkage is important.

      I have been trying to build a home hobby machine shop but the weather
      is just too hot to work outside for long so I have been playing with
      a QuickCad program trying to learn how to do drafting on my puter
      and design some patterns. Draft is no problem if I scale the parts
      down correctically as they already have plenty of draft.

      If it ever cools down and I get the shop finished I will build my gas
      fired foundry and try some cast iorn casting.

      I am finding that having fun and trying to keep busy now that I am
      retired is a lot of work, but it's fun, no Boss watching over my

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