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4533Re: [hobbicast] Re: Heavy Theory--gas pressure debate etc.

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  • LLandstrom
    Jul 2, 2001

      lye. It can be found in every grocery store. It's also
      used to clean drains (draino) but I'd buy the pure
      lye. It comes in a plastic bottle. but don't use the
      plastic bottle for dissolving the aluminm into as the
      mix will get hot.

      greasy old aluminum foil will work. don't use shiney
      new stuff unless your rich. About 1 ounce of foil will
      make 1 cf of gas in a balloon.

      Tape a bunch of garbage bags together to make a fake
      UFO and try it out. You can tape tin foil to it so
      it'll pop up on radar and they will scramble the jets
      to intercept. don't tell anyone where you got the


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