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  • rogers92026
    Jun 28, 2014
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      I recently went to a recycling place to get a refund for glass and PET.  When I was done, I took a look at the raw scrap that they had collected.  I saw bins with shiny copper wire, shiny aluminum wire, aluminum extrusions and one with automobile alloy wheels.   (When I cast, I like using wheels, but typically avoid extrusions).  I asked them what they would charge ME to buy the wheels and was told $ 0.80 a pound.  That seems pretty reasonable for good aluminum alloy  "wheelium".  They had about six wheels which I would estimate are about 20 pounds apiece.  They also had some cast iron for those who are casting that.

      The previous time that I was there, I picked up some very nice 1/4 inch aluminum diamond-plate in new condition for another project and paid less than $1 a pound.  This is a fraction of what I pay when I go to the metal yards.

      I am posting this for those casters who are looking for another source of castable materials.  

      BTW, I have found the Harbor Fright (yikes!) counter-rotating saw to be helpful in cutting up the wheels into chunks that will fit my crucible.  Eye protection is mandatory.  That saw works great but throws chips everywhere within about a 20 foot diameter circle including in my hair, down my shirt, etc.  Be sure to keep your mouth shut when you use it.  ;-) 

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