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43036RE: [hobbicast] Mikey re Vortex Burner

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  • mikey98118
    Jun 23, 2014
      Thanks, Joe.
      When Kathy gets back I'll try Classic Shell. Kind of swamped right now; every year past sixty the climb gets steeper!
      You should be able to use the brass capillary tube or prep and solder a 14T MIG tip with about equal ease. The key factor was discovering aluminum flat bar at onlinemetals.com. For  thick aluminum plate, "they want your first born."
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      Hi Mikey,


      >>>>>> (1) I'm using a 1/4" copper tube, because it allows anyone to solder a MIG contact tip in place, and provides a better gas feed.


      I am happy to hear this because I have been stalled on the tubing issue and life in general getting in the way of some of my projects. I have 1/4 inch on hand and will adapt the jet that you sent me. I have been feeling badly about my lack of progress and reporting on the project.


      Regarding windows 8….


      I understand the problems people have with the radical difference in the interface. I have computers here I use with windows XP, Win Seven and Win Eight. Windows Eight is by far the best of the bunch once you get past the new interface. A free program known as “Classic Shell” takes all of the pain out of the process.


      I understand that you will likely need help to set it up, but once you are up and running you will never look back. Life keeps a changing and now and then we must make the plunge. I have a 1928 Model A Ford and I love to drive it all the time but a modern car it ain’t.




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