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  • StoneTool
    Jun 23, 2014
          The first problem is having a factory built system with all their garbage.  The second is that Windows no longer allows you to delete entire partitions....no  Fdisk provided.    The solution is to pick up a Linux disk and run the install through the partition stage.  At that point allow it to use the entire disk, and it will wipe Windows completely.   Stop after this, and close.   Then run your Win7 installation.   I  My primary OS is Linux SUSE (latest version), but I have a Windows 7 installation I can go to if I want.... I've actually never used Win7 except to help other folks work through problems.    When you are doing your Win7 installation, there is a screen that will allow you to delete the Linux partitions, etc.... created in the earlier step.    Windows just sucks all the way around........... I gave it up for Linux many years ago, but I still have a system with Windows on it that I have to use for one specific program...... nothing else.


      On 06/23/2014 12:45 PM, michael.a.porter@... [hobbicast] wrote:
      My wife, who has an Associate degree in computer programing, tried that fix back when I was suffering with Vista; the machine accepted a Windows 7 download, and afterwards would NOT allow her to delete either operating system. Naturally, two big hog OS Microsoft programs took up so much space that the computer would barely run.
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      I recently passed up a computer " buy of A lifetime because it had Windows 8.   I am now told there is a relatively easy way to disable 8 and get a working computer in the process.
      Probably need a first grader to do it.
      Just think where we would be today of Gates had told IBM the truth
      Jim Lyle

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      On Jun 23, 2014, at 1:07 PM, "michael.a.porter@... [hobbicast]" <hobbicast@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      I had zero luck opening the video because: One, I'm an ignorant old metal worker who needed night classes just to use a computer at all, and; two, I wasted about two grand on a brand new computer with a Windows Eight operating system. Do you know what single virtue Eight has? It makes Vista look good in comparison! I don't really need to see the videos, because your description tells me all that seeing the videos would. Only videos of working burners tell much of value; then, I can see if something needs a little tweaking, or if the burner is already set perfectly.
      I have changed a few things on this burner:
      (1) I'm using a 1/4" copper tube, because it allows anyone to solder a MIG contact tip in place, and provides a better gas feed.
      (2) The plate thickness is upped to 3/8" because it can be ordered as flat bar, which is much cheaper than plate.
      Your burner's symptoms sound very much like lack of gas volume to the burner, which puts you in a "catch twenty two"; lower pressure just aggravates the problem, but trying to overcome the lack of volume with feed higher pressure will over accelerate the gas molecules, messing up proper mixing.
      The problem is that so many things, or combination of things, which won't be obvious to see in a video, can cause your problems (ex. a bit of solder where it doesn't belong in the gas feed, or some other constriction; nozzle overhang not set right; poor seal, or obstruction in fan to mounting plate, or mounting plate to funnel opening).
      We will either have to go over every single detail (with photos) by email, or I'll need to check the burner out "hands on." I know that mailing it is expensive and inconvenient; reworking a burner isn't cheap or easy for me either; I don't make the offer lightly.
      Either solution might be a lot of work for both of us; on the other hand, have you had a better offer lately?
      My wife will be home from Europe next week, and with her help I can get a video of my own 1" Vortex burner running. My buddy Gene should be back from his RV road trip in time to help me make a video, if she can't help enough. That doesn't mean such a video will necessarily  do you any good. Mostly, it will prove that the burner design does work, but that is no help in pinpointing some particular problem, which may not be obvious.
      Things are actually much better for you than they seem, because when a burner is running so badly, the solution is usually a simple fix; isn't that ironic? It's the burners that are running weakly that usually need a complete rebuild (or a trash can).

      The shallow bell and the deeper bell you sent will not light, even at 15 psi gas pressure. Their video is on Google drive. The flame is burning back into the mixing tube.


      Tonight I got the custom made bell to light at 5 psi, but the flame is weak

      and very yellow even up to 15 psi. The fan is running full tilt, but the flame

      appears to be oxygen starved. 


      With my venturi aspirated burners, I run about 8 psi with no trouble.

      What are the parameters with the vortex?


      Where is a good place to upload the videos so you can see what's happening?


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