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43027Mikey re Vortex Burner

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  • crashbone256
    Jun 22, 2014
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       did you get the email with the link to video on Google Drive?

      I have been experimenting with the three 1" V V burners with little success.

      The shallow bell and the deeper bell you sent will not light, even at 15 psi gas pressure. Their video is on Google drive. The flame is burning back into the mixing tube.

      Tonight I got the custom made bell to light at 5 psi, but the flame is weak

      and very yellow even up to 15 psi. The fan is running full tilt, but the flame

      appears to be oxygen starved. 

      With my venturi aspirated burners, I run about 8 psi with no trouble.

      What are the parameters with the vortex?

      Where is a good place to upload the videos so you can see what's happening?



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