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  • StoneTool
    Feb 17, 2014
      On 02/17/2014 08:00 AM, redlupmi2@... wrote:
          I disagree on payback...............  It will not pay back in dollars, but I will pay back in reduced fatigue and frustration.   A drive could be a simple as a half HP motor with a small pulley, and a belt running around the pipe itself.  The motor could be mounted to a board with a hinge, screwed down to the trailer bed, and a bungee for tension..............  It doesn't get much simpler than that.     I already have the foot switch and a relay control box I built for my drill press...........It can be "liberated" in a matter of a few minutes.    I DO see a payback........ at least from my perspective.   I can weld in the flat more or less, rotate the pipe a bit at a time with the foot pedal, and have a comfortable operator position.   And then there's the "wow factor".    People who see this project being done will talk about it for years ;-)   I'm the kind of guy who will build a few fixtures to do something more efficiently and comfortably.    A few years ago I built 20 cattle guards in 3 days at a local ranch....cutting all the pieces, and welding everything up.  I built a number of systems to make it more efficient......jugs and such.   I spent half a day building jigs, and 3 days welding and cutting.   The guy who was doing it before I took over the project took 2 days to build one!

          It's not going to get hot for awhile........... they are still full of ice!!   I can't start until they thaw, and that will likely be weeks away yet.   It will all have to be done pretty quickly as they will get into the field in march.


      The trailer axle rollers will be a big help in this project, however the time to design a drive unit and set it up will not have a pay off unless you're going to make this a reoccurring job.  For three rollers it will not pay back.

      Per my metallurgist friends say multiple passes of weld have better properties than a large single pass.

      Just put the helmet on and get this job done before it gets hot outside.


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