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  • Nelson Collar
    Feb 14, 2014
      If it is a cannon, It will need to be bored and reamed. Another thought is, if it is a cannon what are you going to do with it when you get tired of it? Liability is a big factor, if it fires can some one over load it causing to blow up like a pipe bomb. Toys are nice but be careful.
      Nelson Collar

      On Friday, February 14, 2014 10:42 AM, StoneTool <owly@...> wrote:
              This might actually be the best solution for me for  this application.   I'd considered it already and rejected it.  The steel tube would have a lot of strength...I'd just have to press bushings into it.   My original thought was that the aluminum or zamak would provide the bearing surfaces as well as the structure.   The obvious advantage is that the tube sets the alignment of the two bushings at either end. That bore would be the reference for the lower bore at 90 degrees to it. 


      On 02/14/2014 05:32 AM, Russell Hiscock wrote:
      Only a few weeks ago I saw a model cannon that had been made by using a steel tube as a core. It was not removed afterwards. It was filled with sand during the pour.
      (this was an iron casting, but I suspect (with absolutely no knowledge) that the same approach would work in other materials. It also was about 14” long…

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