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42937Re: [hobbicast] "J" type sprue

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  • mikey98118
    Dec 11, 2013
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      The easiest way to make a "good" smaller burner is to use a propane burning design.
      However, someone already into used oil burners would probably hate being reduced to paying for fuel gas. In such case, your most probable choice would be a not-so-standard kerosene burner (blow gun). Although previous attempts at powering small furnaces with gasoline or kerosene blow guns produced low end performance, according to their own builders (see on you-tube), this (in MHO) is do to their sloppy installation at the mouths of openings in these furnaces, rather than into dedicated burner ports. Adequately sealing the burner and furnace connection against entrainment of unlimited secondary air should raise performance to satisfactory levels.
      Warning: Old gasoline and kerosene blow guns make a poor choice for safety (bad seals): these tools are still made in India and China. I suggest you at least spring for a new gun. I would further suggest you unscrew the burner head from the fuel tank, and separate them with pipe or hose rated for petroleum fuels.
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      Very cool pics would be great I'm somewhat new to the back yard foundry stuff but been around a machine shop/gun smithing all my life and I got hurt some years back (nerve damage from my legs down to the feet) so now my machine shop is my full time hobby along with being a full time stay at home dad never missed working so much in my life tho for sure but anyway I built two furnaces one large it can hold up to a #40 crucible and the other much small able to hold a # 10 crucible my large furnace is a waste oil burner and the small runs on LPG but I would love to make a smaller waste oil burner for it but have not been successful in making a GOOD smaller burner for some reason I guess I just have to keep playing but I'm interested in your build I love making my own tools:) 

      On Dec 10, 2013, at 11:19 PM, Rupert <rwenig2@...> wrote:

      I'm building a CNC router table with a crazy idea of busing only

      aluminum castings in the construction. The casting I'm working on now is

      the end plate of the main frame. It measures 10" x 26" with most of the

      centre cut out. I used webs in the pattern for strengthening and to cut

      down on weight. This casting tests my crucible to the max limit as it

      weighs 11 lbs. There are only three areas that need machining. The

      measure roughly 2" x 4". I suppose I could turn the pattern over placing

      it in the cope but that would mean building a new higher cope. Don't

      really want to do that as the complete flask filled with rammed sand

      weighs 200 lbs or more already. Placing the pattern in the drag means

      the areas to be machined are on the bottom. That is why I thought to try

      a "J" type (or horn) sprue.

      I'll try to put up some pictures tomorrow.


      On 12/10/2013 7:25 PM, Dennis wrote:



      > I would also be interested in knowing how it's done the right way..

      > Rupert what is it your molding?


      > Dennis



      Rupert Wenig

      Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

      email: rwenig2@...


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