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42896Re: [hobbicast] Furnace build

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  • Chris Tofu
    Oct 6, 2013
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      The Gingery gas fired unit lifted the whole furnace. The "lid" was stationary at the bottom. This provided for picking up the crucible from the sides instead of hoisting it vertically out of a furnace cavity adjacent to your crotch.

      Any fireclay is refractory enough for even a cupola furnace, and in fact that's what they were made of around the turn of the century. It just may be that commercial refractories are more durable, less prone to cracking etc.

      On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 8:20 AM PDT chunk07@... wrote:


      >my casting buddy and I are getting ready to build our first furnaces. I have several choices of containers. I have a empty freon bottle, empty propane tank, and 2 old water tanks. We will be starting with aluminum and brass, using home made steel crucibles. I need a source of castable refractory close to Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, TN area. I have not found any here. Budget constraints preclude shipping costs, but I'm willing to travel as far as 150 miles to pick up. Second question, does anyone have examples, drawings, discussions of the Gingery style lid lifter or something similar. My buddy and I are both wanting a simple lid lifting/rotating devise for our furnaces. I have found a source of fireclay, sand and bentonite for green sand, and my buddy is building a pair of Vontorne mullers. If we must, we are prepared to make castable refractory from the recipies found in several books and websites. I cannot find even a boiler maintenance
      company in the area that might have commertial castable.Every lead I've gotten has not panned out. Chuck
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