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42894Group ALUMINUM Lathe build announced for 757 MAKER SPACE

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  • silverforgestudio
    Sep 27, 2013

      Maker-Space 757 (Norfolk, VA) will be hosting a build series for the Gingery Lathe and various other projects (sheet metal brake and dividing head among other things)... the start of this adventure will be documented in the "Make757- METAL" blog (Launch will be end of October- so stay tuned!)

      ANYONE and EVERYONE is invited- online, in-person through comments, feedback and downright hands-on participation!

      Anyone interested please feel free to contact me off-list and I will provide cost, locations, and dates!

      In the true Uncle Dave spirit we are trying to keep costs as low as possible... but some things like safety equipment and various bits and bobs will be nominal in cost!

      I hope all in the forums can pitch in with info and hints/tips/tricks and advice... I look forward to input from anyone!

      Kerri Duncan