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42892Re: [hobbicast] sheet metal core

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  • Nelson Collar
    Sep 15, 2013
      The heat that you will put your furnace to make the steel lining expand more than the ITC-213 or any other coating, which will cause it to blister off. Waste of money. Also,the heat required to heat the steel will not give you the reflective heat you would get from clay. Another thing the steel will start to break down over a period of time. I have a steel crucible that is starting to show the signs of time and I will replace it when I make my new furnace, a tilting furnace with a large steel crucible.
      Hope this helped some.
      Nelson Collar

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      Subject: [hobbicast] sheet metal core

      Is there a reason who the central core of a furnace doesnt get lined with 16-18 gauge sheet metal then coated with something like ITC-213 or 100???


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