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42890Re: [hobbicast] sheet metal core

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  • Rupert
    Sep 14, 2013
      Hello Drag,
      Several reasons come to mind.

      1)a metal core would crack insulating refractory as it expands while
      being heated.
      2)the expansion would warp the sheeting.
      3)the warping would crack ITC213 or ITC 100.
      4)metal sheeting wouldn't last long where the flame impinges on it.
      5)probably lots more but it's bed time.


      On 9/14/2013 6:53 PM, dragnfyr@... wrote:
      > Is there a reason who the central core of a furnace doesn't get lined
      > with 16-18 gauge sheet metal then coated with something like ITC-213 or
      > 100???
      > Drag


      Rupert Wenig
      Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

      email: rwenig2@...

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