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42816RE: [hobbicast] Finding my Way.

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  • Rick Sparber
    Aug 2 10:20 AM
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      I'm a retired EE and live in a neighborhood with a very strict Home Owner's
      Association. The neighbors I know are all very nice and would not mind if
      they knew I have a foundry but I've never met the people behind us.

      I too was concerned about being "found out" when I do casting. My solution
      was to go with an electric furnace. The power controller only switches on
      "zero crossings" to minimize any radio interference. It certainly helps that
      we have block walls around the backyard about 6' tall. I used to have a
      charcoal furnace and it would be hard to detect. I've been around used oil
      furnaces and they were smelly and loud. However, they sure do melt aluminum

      I only cast aluminum although ZA-12 melts at a lower temperature so I'm sure
      I could do that too. No interest in bronze and certainly not iron.

      Not sure where you are in your journey but the Gingery series is a great
      place to start. I've built the drill press and shaper. No better way to
      learn and have fun to boot.


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      I have just joined this forum so I guess I'd better introduce myself :-
      Having recently retired from engineering ("hands on"), and having recovered
      after being hospitalised a lot in the last 2 years or so, I am now finding
      that I miss everything, so I'm attempting to set up a home workshop in one
      side of my garage, hoping to try all the crazy stuff I thought up in the
      last 50 years or so - it may not get past the planning stage with some
      projects, but it'll all be fun, ie. so long as my body can keep up with my
      I have always been interested in casting since I had the opportunity (for an
      all too brief period) to design and make foundry patterns and coreboxes for
      industrial valves, but never found the time to try actual casting.
      Now I'm living in an area, quite close to other people so I want to be
      careful not to annoy my neighbours and get myself completely banned from
      doing any foundry work - the legality debate is something I don't want to
      even think about! - I think that barking dogs would probably get more
      sympathy than I would if I got on the wrong side of the neighbours!
      So, I really have to think carefully about what sort of furnace type to use,
      whether to bake my cores or to use the Co2 method for hardening, anything
      which will not draw too much attention to my efforts, (or draw too much from
      my wallet! ).I will probably start with aluminium (as you do), but possibly
      move on to bronze and even iron!
      No doubt all this has been discussed many times before in other threads, but
      as I said, I'm new here and I will welcome any sensible suggestions.
      PS. I will be away this weekend so may not be able to reply till Monday,

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