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42810Re: Tire tread as fuel?

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  • rogers92026
    Jul 5, 2013
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      Hello Bob,

      Before you start converting your scrap to ZA12, make sure to double check the percentages using some google searches. I think that you are high on the copper and low on the aluminum.

      I've read about various companies using tires for fuel. Like for manufacturing Portland cement which takes a lot of energy. I've tried cutting tires up with a variety of saws - - saber, reciprocal, circular and have had rather poor results even using soap as a lubricant. The blade really binds against the high-friction rubber. If you can come up with a way to shred the tires into small pieces, perhaps it might work.

      There are a lot of articles on the internet about Tire Derived Fuels (TDF) and it contains more energy per pound than coal. As you mention, the users typically blend the tire material in with coal. But from what I've read, it is also a much dirtier and smellier fuel than even coal. If you have neighbors next door, you might not be very popular with them once you start burning tires.

      BTW, if you use nitrous oxide and tires, you will have a type of rocket fuel. ;-)

      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, Bob Colquitt <wahsatch@...> wrote:
      > For the last 3 years I've been driving between Chattanooga & Nashville
      > tending my late father's house.
      > AND, my accumulation of diecast, zinc alloy, is at the stage of
      > converting to ZA12 or the latest alloy which is, IIRC, 5% alum & 5%
      > copper [Generous Motors special] - rest zinc.
      > Can the tire tread scattered about, be chopped up, & used to supplement
      > charcoal [more heat?] in a furnace with forced air?
      > Seems to me I read tire tread can be used in a fluidized bed with coal.
      > OR, are there more nasty chemicals in the tire tread to make zinc fuming
      > only a minor PITA?
      > Thanks for any info!
      > -=- Bob Colquitt
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