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42809Tire tread as fuel?

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  • Bob Colquitt
    Jul 4, 2013
      For the last 3 years I've been driving between Chattanooga & Nashville
      tending my late father's house.

      AND, my accumulation of diecast, zinc alloy, is at the stage of
      converting to ZA12 or the latest alloy which is, IIRC, 5% alum & 5%
      copper [Generous Motors special] - rest zinc.

      Can the tire tread scattered about, be chopped up, & used to supplement
      charcoal [more heat?] in a furnace with forced air?

      Seems to me I read tire tread can be used in a fluidized bed with coal.

      OR, are there more nasty chemicals in the tire tread to make zinc fuming
      only a minor PITA?

      Thanks for any info!

      -=- Bob Colquitt
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