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42446ingate / outgate

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  • Sage McGirk
    Jan 2, 2013
      Happy new year everyone! I've been hobbicasting for about 6/7 months
      now, and I'm looking for any sort of rule of thumb for the size of the
      ingate/outgate holes. I'm starting to cast some bigger objects (>
      3-4") that tend to be fairly thin. I've learned to POUR faster to
      ensure nothing cools prematurely but find some objects still dont
      quite finish. I'm guessing larger ingates are the trick. I'm also
      about to embark on some gear shaped objects, and wondering how ,if
      needed, to do multiple sprue holes as I've seen with lost foam, but
      will be using wood as objects now. Any advice, video's, pictures
      would be appreciated


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