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42214Re: Spray type mold release?

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  • Lyle
    Oct 3, 2012
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      Not a bad idea Rupert. One of the main problems is getting the Johnson's wax between all the fins. Seems easy but there's bolt bosses and a spark plug boss that's raised up between them so there's a lot of different reliefs going on. Heck, some of the problem could be my lack of patience which has nixed me before....

      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, Rupert <rwenig2@...> wrote:
      > Hello Lyle,
      > My words weren't clear and I assumed your using sodium silicate sand.
      > Johnson's paste wax should work as long as you have complete coverage. I
      > meant to fill the spaces between the fins with the SS sand, pack it only
      > firmly (don't ram it). Rap the head on the side so the sand loosens a
      > bit. Then, gas it to harden. I think the hardened mix should fall out.
      > Do this for every space. Place them in place between the fins and make
      > the complete mold again using SS sand as it should bind to the
      > previously made fin cores. Only a firm packing is needed- don't ram it.
      > Again, rap the head enough to loosen it before gassing. The head should
      > fall out when you turn the flask over provided there are no undercuts to
      > consider. Don't know if this will work with other types of resin set
      > sands. But, I do think the SS sand should work.
      > Rupert
      > On 10/2/2012 9:27 PM, Lyle wrote:
      > > Rupert, Thanks for the idea but the pattern is one piece. Today after
      > > work I used a masonery bit to free the pattern out of the sand which
      > > looked a little like sandstone. I have another oil cooler pattern
      > > which has similar depth fins but not as many that I used as an
      > > experiment for the head castings. I am going to try a reduced amount
      > > of binder to see if that helps and less ramming of the sand. Usually
      > > deep fins need to be jolted, which I did, but I also rammed, so I'll
      > > try jolting. the learning continues....Part of the problem is me
      > > using Johnson paste wax as a release but it's hard to get it between
      > > all the fins which are about 1/4" apart and 2" deep. LL
      > --
      > yvt
      > Rupert Wenig
      > Camrose, Alberta, Canada.
      > email: rwenig2@...
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