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42209Re: [hobbicast] Re: Spray type mold release?

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  • Rupert
    Oct 2, 2012
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      Just a thought. (I know that's dangerous)
      I understand your using a resin set sand. Would it be possible to use
      the fins to shape individual cores? Then use the head to hold the cores
      while you fill the rest of the flask. I think the resin set will bond to
      the edges of the cores. I know that's lots of work but the idea has
      worked for me a couple of times where I needed a thin section core.

      Ps. Rap the head a bit to loosen the cores before you gas them.

      On 10/2/2012 7:15 AM, Lyle wrote:
      > Nelson, These are heads, not cylinders. They are old patterns that
      > were used decades ago. I have made cylinder patterns on a wood lathe
      > and they were cast in Co2 sand with good results. These are totally
      > different. My problem is probably a combination of a few things,
      > mixing the sand too rich, release agent, not enough rapping prior to
      > the sand setting up, etc.
      > LL


      Rupert Wenig
      Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

      email: rwenig2@...

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